Research activity

Laboratory of Applied Thermodynamics

  • Thermodynamic properties of pure substances and multicomponent mixtures used in new technologies: ionic liquids, polimers, pharmaceuticals
  • Correlation and prediction of the thermodynamic properties of pure substances and their mixtures with the equations of state, group contribution methods (Mod UNIFAC, DISQUAC, ASOG, ERAS, COSMO-RS, SRK EOS, Cell-Hole model)
  • The quantum-mechanical calculations of the hydrogen bonded systems. Molecular geometry as a source of chemical information
  • Industrial thermodynamics and databases

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    Laboratory of Synthesis and Structural Investigations of Organoboron Compounds

    • Synthesis of new organoboron compounds; structural investigations: X-ray, NMR (1H, 11B, 13C); complexes of organoboron compounds with electron donors and their application (supramolecular chemistry, conducting polymers); application of boronic acids as molecular receptors; physico-chemical characterization (phase equilibria) of new compounds; systems with hydrogen bond (spectroscopy and theoretical calculations)
    • Complexes of benzenoboronic acid and triphenylboroxin with amines
    • Interactions of phenylboronic acids with aminoacids
    • X-ray and DFT – studies
    • The quantum-mechanical calculations of the hydrogen bonded systems
    • dr Agnieszka Adamczyk-Woźniak - lecturer
    • dr Ewa Kaczorowska - chemist
    • prof. Andrzej Sporzyński - professor
    • msc Krzysztof Borys - PhD Student
    • msc Paweł Leszczyńśki - PhD Student
    • msc Alicja Matuszewska - PhD Student

    Laboratory of Fine Technologies

    • Laboratory of Fine Technologies specializes in synthesis and determination of the structure of organometallic compounds. We develop also the preparative scale-up procedures for various organometallics, especially organoboron and organoaluminum compounds
    • Study on metalation of alkoxydibromobenzenes
    • Halogen-lithium exchange between substituted dihalobenzenes and butyllithium: application to the regioselective synthesis of functionalized bromobenzaldehydes
    • X-ray and DFT – studies
    • dr Marek Dąbrowski - lecturer
    • dr Krzysztof Durka - lecturer
    • dr Tomasz Kliś - lecturer
    • dr Sergiusz Luliński - lecturer
    • prof. Janusz Serwatowski - professor
    • msc Krzysztof Gontarczyk - PhD Student
    • msc Agnieszka Górska - PhD Student
    • msc Mateusz Urban - PhD Student